Souls of the Damned cover!

Book 5 in the Kat Redding series has a cover! Souls of the Damned goes on sale at most eBook retailers June 19, 2014.
Souls of the Damned (eBook)

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4 Responses to Souls of the Damned cover!

  1. Rose G. says:

    Love the cover!!

  2. Kris Belfield says:

    The cover is great but I thought that her Honda was all black!!

    • E.S. Moore says:

      It is! But that’s what happens sometimes in cover art. There are things in every single on so far that doesn’t match what is in the books, but as long as it looks good and doesn’t turn readers off, I can deal with it!

  3. Nurul nisa says:

    Cool! Who make the cover looks so cool?

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