Ohioana 2013

Okay, this post is a few days later than I’d originally planned. The Ohioana Book Festival was on Saturday, May 11, 2013 and here I am, on Tuesday, writing about it. I’m allowed to blame a headache on Monday right? There’s no way I was going to do much of anything on Sunday after such a long day!

But late is better than never.

I was nervous going into the festival because I’d never been on a panel before and yet, here I was, about to sit on one. Anyone who has ever seen me try to speak in front of people knows I tend to talk fast. Combine that with my soft spoken nature, it’s often hard to hear what I’m saying. I have to mentally try to speak up and slow down, but when you’re thinking about what you’re going to say next, well…it isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Still, I think I did okay. I got to talk a little about horror, fantasy, and science fiction. I love all three genres despite the fact they are thought of as a lesser form of fiction (which was brought up on the panel.) For whatever reason, people look at these genres and think they aren’t as good, as important as other sorts of fiction. Only a select few ever gain credibility.

But I’m okay with that.

I guess that while I do believe there needs to be less snobbery from some of the literary crowd, I don’t feel that anyone’s word can truly make a book–or genre–have credibility. I mean, sure, it might be nice to have a novel spoken about as the next big thing, something that everyone should read because it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!! But that’s not what I strive for. I write what I write because I like it. I want people to read it because I want to entertain them. I don’t need someone else to tell me that what I do is important. I already know that every story could–and more than likely, will–be important to someone, somewhere. That’s all the credibility I need.

Anyway, that was my mini-rant. Moving on…

I had fun at Ohioana, even if my tendency to keep to myself meant I didn’t get to talk to too many authors. I got to sell some books, have some conversations, and in general, take in the atmosphere. It’s always nice to be somewhere where everyone enjoys books.

Sadly, I didn’t get to go to the reception afterward. I had plans to. My panel happened to coincide with lunch and I decided to get my sandwich after my panel and a little after the next one started so there wouldn’t be so many people. By the time I was ready to eat, the food was gone. I wasn’t about to eat the stuff from the trucks outside because I was pretty sure my stomach wouldn’t have handled it. When the festival ended and it was time to go an get ready for the reception, my brain was hammering around in my head and I just wanted to go home. Headaches, for those who suffer from some of the worst, are not fun.

Still, overall, I enjoyed myself. If invited back, I’ll definitely go again. I hope the next festival is held somewhere where I get reception. I tried to Tweet about my experience as it happened,  but couldn’t get them to go through. I mean…an author without his or her phone? How could they?!

I’d also post some pictures, but for whatever reason, most of mine turned out blurry and uninteresting. I should never be allowed near a camera of any kind. It doesn’t matter if I am in front of or behind it, it will fail!

Until next time…


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4 Responses to Ohioana 2013

  1. Wendy Koile says:

    Hi E.S! I am an Ohio writer as well(local history), and I attended Ohioana for the first time. My first book was published last year, and I experienced quite a bit of shyness my first few times at festivals and signings. After all, I had spent two years of my life in a quiet library or office enjoying time with my characters in the book. After speaking at a university, several signings, and new author friends, I have really come out of my shell. Recently, I learned the concept of “branding” after hearing an author speak at a conference. It really changed the way I handle myself at these things. Anyway, I will look for you at author events in the future….Im sure you have great books. Oh and you did miss a fun reception afterwords 🙂

  2. E.S. Moore says:

    There’s always next year right? Hopefully I’ll see you (and talk to you!) then.

    • Wendy Koile says:

      Hey E.S!
      I think we are both doing a workshop at Southeast Wrtiters Conference! Oh and awesome website by the way!

      • E.S. Moore says:

        Thanks! The wife does the web design because I would totally screw it up.

        See you at the conference!

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