Nearer and Nearer

We’re almost there.  In less than a month To Walk the Night will be released.

Holy crap!

I’ve alternated from feeling completely numb about it to being so worried, I feel physically ill.  I think everyone expects me to be excited, but so far, that hasn’t happened.  I figure once we get down to a week or so, then things will change, but right now, I’m more worried about getting things done before the big day.

So what have I been doing?

Well, obviously I’ve been writing.  Kat Redding 2, Tainted Night, Tainted Blood, copy-edits are done.  I’m still waiting on the cover and will post it here as soon as I see it.  I also have book 3 ready to send to my editor and have plotted out book 4 in a “here’s hoping” sort of way.

I’ve also been working on guest posts and interviews.  They’ll be showing up in the coming weeks and I’ll gather as many as I can and link them.  Since my last post, two have been uploaded.

I did an interview at the Manga Maniac Cafe here!  Check it out!  Spread the word.

I also recently did a character Dear Santa letter with a book giveaway  at Rabid Reads here.  The giveaway is open internationally, so anyone can sign up for it!

There will be more coming soon and honestly, they all make me nervous.  I’m still having a hard time putting myself out there.  I’ve always been a private person so seeing my words and my name out there is absolutely terrifying.  I’ll get over it eventually, but YIKES!

As we get nearer to To Walk the Night‘s release, I’ll hopefully make more and more posts and become that much more visible online.  Once I get over the panic, I’ll be thrilled to connect with everyone!  Come find me on Facebook and Twitter to remind me to come out of my shell every now and again.

But for now, I’ll go back to chewing my fingernails off!

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