Brief Update

I thought it was time to give a brief update since I’ve been awfully quiet lately.  Me and blogging don’t go well together just yet, but I’m sure eventually I’ll get this thing down!  As things pick up over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be making posts more regularly and hopefully I’ll have a good place to keep discussions going, whether it is here or on the Facebook fan page.  Either way, I should be available a lot more!

And now, on to the update~

  1. I did a guest blog at the Qwillery about judging books by their covers.  Head on over and check it out here!
  2. I created a Google + page, though I haven’t used it too much.  I’d like to start getting involved with it a bit more, just like my Facebook page.  If you have one, head on over and add me to your circle!  I’d love to get to know more people.
  3. Self promo time!  Did you know To Walk the Night is available for pre-order?  You can get it for your Nook or Kindle, as well as paperback copies at most online stores.
  4. Book 2 in the Kat Redding series, Tainted Night, Tainted Blood, is now available for pre-order as well at Amazon!  Is strange to see TWO books available now.  I still haven’t gotten over the fact that there is even ONE!  There’s no cover for the second book just yet, but I’m sure I’ll be seeing it soon enough.

And really, that about covers it for this quick update.  I’ve been working hard on other books, including finishing up book 3.  I will be sending it off to my editor at Kensington in a month or so.  After that, I’ll be freaking out over the release of To Walk the Night and hopefully have information on signings and other appearances.  Nothing has been set just yet, but I’ll post here as soon as I know something!

Until then, check out the links and let me know what you think!  I’ll be waiting~

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  1. Janice Pfile says:

    Eric………..Congrats on much success and on a second book!! This is awesome and we couldn’t be more proud. It is an honor to have a published author in our family.

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